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Meet the design team! All of our experts at GS Monaco have a wealth of experience in designing for print. Speak to one of the team about your idea, and watch as they put pen to paper to realise your dream. Our designers will work with you to finalise your design and provide a mockup of how the finished article will look. They will suggest printing techniques, such as embossing or engraving, and work with our printing project managers to make sure the right paper and printing method is chosen for the job.

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  • Trodat 4913

    The Trodat 4913 has a customisable 58x22mm impression area with a maximum of 6 lines. The very popular Printy line by Trodat offer good quality self-inking stamps at affordable prices. Easy to use, the transparent bottom edges allow for precise alignment. Good for several thousand impressions before requiring a new ink pad.

    Font: Roboto
    Standard size: 9

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