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Bespoke Printing

Creating a tailor-made design to meet your specific requirements.

With over 20 years’ experience, GS Monaco is proud to employ a team of designers and print managers to help you realise your printing dreams. Their understanding of print design, inks and paper ensures that every bespoke printing project with us is executed to the highest standard.

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    Face to face meetings.

    Welcome to GS Monaco! Here you will meet one of our printing professionals who will listen to your request and suggest the best way to realise it. We will show you around our headquarters and present previous print projects to give you an idea of what your finished product could look like. Feeling inspired, but not sure where to begin? Come and meet the designers.

    Expert in-house print and design team to advise you.

    Meet the design team! All of our experts at GS Monaco have a wealth of experience in designing for print. Speak to one of the team about your idea, and watch as they put pen to paper to realise your dream. Our designers will work with you to finalise your design and provide a mockup of how the finished article will look. They will suggest printing techniques, such as embossing or engraving, and work with our printing project managers to make sure the right paper and printing method is chosen for the job.

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    Full library of unique colours, paper weights and finishes.

    GS Monaco proudly has one of the widest selections of papers available not only in Monaco but France as well. In addition, we have access to unique and exclusive papers that are delivered to our headquarters. Choose between paper colours, finishes and weights to ensure your final print stands out from the crowd.

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    Wooden Plaque

    Bespoke Laser etched wooden plaque. Made for the Goodwill Ambassador Award, on behalf of the Monaco Ambassadors Club.

    We can laser etch on many different substrates, we can also laser cut.


    3D printed bespoke artwork. This technique uses layers of print to create a depth in the artwork. This technique can be very effective, especially when combined with different finishes such as gloss.


    Perspex & Plexiglass pieces can be both cut and printed to make stunning decorative pieces. The edges on this bespoke piece are polished to make them completely transparent.

    We can overprint on this substrate with a backing white ink to render parts opaque. These can then be printed on top with additional colours.

    Price book

    Custom made books to suit the clients brief is something we have done for many years and has endless possibilities. We can bind in different formats such as layflat, rivets, singer sewn, section sewn, PUR binding to name just a few.

    Yacht club 2022 planner

    Leather products such as portfolios, agendas and notebooks are also something we produce for our clients. This leather agenda comes with a matching box with a little touch of silver foiling to further enhance the product.

    Branded Golf Balls

    For this bespoke job we not only printed the golf balls with 2 logos on each ball but we produced this matching 3 ball box which was completely branded to this clients event.

    A book

    This beautiful book uses a special technique called layflat – which means that we can run print through the seam of the pages. So when you open to a spread there is no loss or distortion of image through the middle of the spread. Very nice for Yachts and Real estate clients.

    Cut out signage

    Rather than just put warning stickers on large opening glazing, the client specified this cut out design to brand their doors stylishly.

    Yachting 150 years

    Large Books, small books, thick books, low number runs. We can pretty much accommodate your needs. This client needed an impressive format. So we made this extra large format book.

    Von Lowenstein look book

    Short-run (or small quantities) books are possible now with our excellent digital presses. You don’t need to compromise on quality as we can mix medias as we did with this client. Using a textured paper and gold foil on the covers.

    Phone case

    Bespoke branded goodies is something we added to our offering a few years ago and we have branded all sorts of goodies from Golf Balls to Phone covers. Low run or larger runs are all possible.

    MoNa residence book

    Promotional goods for real estate projects can be a good investment. We have produced bespoke items like this boxed book for the MoNa residence in Monaco.


    We have a range of plastic, metal, wood, round, square, rectangular stamps. Then even wax seals and embossing stamps.

    Bespoke Packaging featured image
    Bespoke Packaging

    GS Monaco not only prints your stationery, books, brochures and business cards, we have been making custom packaging for many of Monaco’s leading businesses. From Monaco Telecom boxes to coffee capsules. You name it, we can make it and brand it to your company. Packaging can not only be litho/offset….

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    Perfect Postcards featured image
    Perfect Postcards

    Postcards are not just for tourists. Why not make some promotional items custom made and branded with your text, images and logo. Break away from the norm and your typical flyers. With no envelopes required with postcards, they are a novel and cost saving method of sending information to your….

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    Printed brochures. Effective print marketing in a digital age. featured image
    Printed brochures. Effective print marketing in a digital age.

    Do you struggle to justify ordering your yearly quota of sales brochures? Thousands end up going in the bin? Too much outlay? Too much waste? Sound familiar? Not only are we the only full colour offset printers in Monaco, but we have further enhanced our dominance in the printing market….

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